Electric Scooter Brakes Repair Service Dubai

When it comes to automobiles, we believe brakes are the most essential part of all. It is well maintained brakes that can save lives on the road. So we strongly recommend maintaining the brakes of your Escooter and we are here to guide you for the same.

We firmly suggest cleaning your Ebike Brakes consistently. Considering how significant the brakes are on a Escooter, it is essential that you take care of them to guarantee they perform in the time of need.

Do’s and Don’ts for Electric Scooter Brakes Repair & Maintenance:

  1. You must never touch the plate. The primary reason for this is that whenever we apply brakes riding downhill for a brief period, because of friction, the plate can turn out to be exceptionally hot. You should wait for 5-10 minutes prior to doing anything with the brakes to allowing adequate cooling time. The second reason behind not touching the plate is that oils from your fingers can contaminate the discs. Oils on the discs will cause loss of brake control and can make them noisy when applied.
  1. If you are cleaning your escooter with degreaser or servicing it using lubricants, be careful so as not to get any on the plate. As this will cause loss of braking power. It is obvious that if the substance contacts the brake pads for a prolonged period of time it can saturate the material and compromise the pads altogether. Incase pads are compromised it is a smart to replace them to avoid any unfortunate incident on the road. In case you end up getting a few oils or synthetics on the brake plate itself, simply utilize some brake cleaner to eliminate it.
  1. Along with ensuring that your brake plate is spotless, you must also inspect and clean your pads routinely. Any material or dirt that must not be there will influence braking power and must be eliminated. You must also look at the thickness of your pads, because of the friction between the cushion and circle they wear out after some time and lose their effectiveness. Brake pads issue is more common to occur during winter or in wet conditions when there is more dirt and debris on the streets. Brake pads must be replaced whenever they are worn out. Not replacing brake pads early enough will bring about harmed brake discs and reduced brake power. There are metal plates under brake pads which will be squeezed against the discs when pads are exhausted, harming both the pads and the disc. The brake pads will get worn out quicker if you are using your escooter more. So always keep a tab on your usage and get brake pads replaced accordingly.
  1. Make an effort not to harm your plates- If you remove your wheels for cleaning or other purposes, be cautious where you leave your discs. In case the plate gets curved or twisted, your brakes won’t be as effective and may not even work for a prolonged period of time. Disc brakes work by being squeezed by the brake pads and if the plates are not in their perfect shape by any means, the pads would not be able press to the two sides of the discs perfectly.
  1. A typical issue with disc brakes happens when the pads are not fixed and touch the plates even when the brakes are not being applied. This will make your brakes be noisy and also affect the speed of your escooter as friction will be present between wheels and brakes, this will also cause the brakes to wear out sooner than they should. Fortunately there is a convenient solution; this situation can be avoided by releasing the brake caliper bolts and pulling the brake switch. The caliper should square itself with the discs and you can then re-fix the bolts in the new position.
  1. Brakes get loud for various reasons. As a general rule, screeches are brought about by oil, soil or residue on the rotor. These toxins prevent the brake pads from getting a speedy, strong grasp on the rotor. To take out this, essentially utilize a spotless material and some brake cleaner, isopropyl alcohol or some other non-oil solvent to wipe down the disc rotors. Be careful so as to not touch the rotor with your fingers. You may need to wipe the rotors down a few times for a total clean.

Since it is not always possible to maintain your Escooter by yourself, we recommend a frequent visit to a professional Escooter Repair Shop to get your scooter cleaned properly inside and out. We wish you have a safe and wonderful ride with your well-maintained escooter. Happy Journey!!!