Electric Bike Battery Change Service in Dubai

One of the most amazing features of an electric bike is that they require little maintenance. As compared to vehicles, or even bicycles, which need normal visits to the technician and demand new parts, electric bikes that are maintained well do not require being lubed, or oil before a ride. This makes them ideal vehicles for short drives and trips in and out of town.
All that being said if battery of the escooter is not maintained well then the scenario might change. Improper use and incorrect charging habits can highly impact the performance and life of a bike’s battery. On the other hand, Proper maintenance can draw out its life and keep you out of trouble and inconvenience free for quite a long time. Generally, all excellent electric bikes run on lithium-particle (Li-particle) batteries, which power the bike’s engine, lights, electric brakes, digital displays, regulator, and different accessories. Lithium-particle batteries are amazing, effective, and dependable. They can be charged and discharged multiple times without losing their capacity limit.

An ordinary Li-particle battery will serve you for 300 to 500 charging cycles prior to decreasing in capacity. For a normal electric bike, this is 3,000 to 10,000 miles. The full life expectancy of a bike battery is controlled by various components, including the battery’s size and watt hours, an estimation of its complete capacity. Yet, as a general rule, a bike’s battery should go on around one to three years.

How might you ensure that your bike battery experiences its maximum capacity? Below are the simple rules that will allow your battery to operate at maximum capacity in ideal conditions.-

Never let your Electric Bike Battery get completely discharged

Rather than charging your battery only after it is completely discharged, it’s smarter to charge your bike battery at each chance. Attempt to consistently keep the battery above 10% at least, and, in a perfect world, over a 40% charge always. Whenever possible, charge your battery before every ride

Range and  Electric Bike Battery Capacity

You must be aware of the details of your scooter’s battery. You should find out the details like ampere hours (Ah) and voltage recorded in the vehicle or on the actual battery. A few bikes will also display the watt hours. If not, you can ascertain this number by multiplying the ampere hours by the voltage. This is a must to have data.
More importantly, you’ll need to realize how long your escooter can go with a completely charged battery and plan your outings appropriately so as not to completely drain it. Range can differ generally according to the model of your bike, the size of the battery and the engine. A quality electric bike can travel a distance of 15.5 miles on a single charge, yet this number can be less due to different components, like slope, hard brakes (if the bike has electric brakes), quick acceleration, high paces, and utilization of lights and other electrical accessories.
Do not leave your battery on charge unattended.
When the battery is completely charged, you should disengage it from the charger. You should know the time your battery takes to get completely charged. In the event that you find that it takes significantly longer to charge your battery than it should, your battery might be flawed or close to reaching its life expectancy. This way you can easily know when to replace your battery. Many companies offer a 1 year guarantee on all E scooters which might cover any battery flaw as well.

E Scooter Battery must be allowed to Cool before Charging

In case you’ve been on a short ride, you can connect your bike to charge quickly, yet in the event that you’ve taken a long ride, the battery has developed high temperature and it is ideal to allow that to get lower prior to connecting the battery. Allow things to chill off for 30 minutes prior to charging the bike after a more extended ride.

Charge Your Electric Scooter Battery before Storing It Long Term

Li-particle batteries last longer when they have a consistent charge, so in case that you need to store your bike and will not be utilizing it for some time, it is ideal to charge it to essentially 40% prior to storing. Attempt to charge the battery every 20 days if the bike isn’t routinely being used.
Use Original and Correct Charger for Your Scooter Battery

While it may appear to cheaper to purchase any charger online, utilizing chargers that are not supported for use with your battery can wind up setting you up for loss by affecting the battery life. Regardless of whether a cheap charger seems to work, it can harm cause irreversible harm to the battery. Bike retailers and producers will as a rule sell substitution chargers. Contact your producer if you need an extra charger or don’t want to buy a nonexclusive choice that can run your battery down. A new, producer supported charger will consistently cost you much less than a new battery.

Store Your Scooter in a Climate-Controlled Environment

Lithium-particle batteries don’t react well to extreme temperature (you might have encountered this if your telephone has abruptly gone dead in the colder time of year). High or low temperatures put weight on the battery and hold it back from charging effectively or holding a charge. Over the long run, this can essentially reduce the performance of the battery.

Sticking to appropriate charging rules will guarantee that your electric scooter battery stays sound and lives long. Make sure to keep your battery charged and keep it out of direct hotness and freezing cold and to consistently utilize a producer supported charger. Above all get the battery of the scooter serviced at a regular interval from a professional place.