eBike Repair


Whether you’re thinking about buying your first electric bike (e-bike) or are the proud new owner of one, you’ll need to know a few things about how to care for it. It’s a sophisticated piece of technology, and some regular maintenance can help you avoid the bike repair scenarios. However, do not worry if you still hit bad luck. Being the best bike repair shop of Dubai, we assist you in each and every repair of your bike, with our Bike puncture repair Kit, Bike tire repair Kit, Carbon fiber repair kit, and much more we become the best bike repair centre. Even if you have a dirt bike and it need some fixes, you don’t need to waste your time searching for dirt bike repair near me, just call us and get the best services.

We understand that your bike is your companion and you want to ride it more than leaving at a repair shop. This is why we have hired the experts of the field, so that you don’t have to visit us again and again. To guarantee quality we have designed a process of inspection and are more than happy to share with you. Lets proceed parts-wise:

e-Bikes need charging like any other battery-powered device. Charging the battery is as simple as plugging it into a wall plug. Charging can take anywhere between 2-8 hours. Depending on the an e-bike, they have various range abilities which can be used by pedal or reduced electric help when going up hills that require more battery power.

Battery Service


Our E-bike battery repair process takes a close look at the current performance and health of your battery and looks for ways to enhance both. Batteries can be very delicate and if not paid attention can malfunction every other morning. These are affected by moisture, weather and air as well. Here are few tips to maintain your battery and extend its life-

  • Top off the battery charge at whatever point you have a chance
  • Use eco mode as much as you can
  • Be aware of the wind opposition
  • Charging: Batteries can be re-charged plenty of times, so even usual riders get to use a battery for multiple years before battery needs replacement. So feel free to charge the battery any time at any outlet. Many now keep a different charger for workplace.
  • Riding: Eco mode (or whatever is the most power saving mode of your e bike) expands battery life. Alternately, super (the top mode) channels it rapidly. A higher rhythm (turning the pedals quicker) is likewise a more effective approach to ride.
  • Wind opposition: Even on a quiet day you experience wind obstruction essentially through your own forward movement. The impact is generally outstanding, which means that speeding up from 10 mph to 15 mph (by half) requires twofold the energy yield (which both you and your battery give on an e-bicycle) to defeat the subsequent expansion in wind obstruction.
  • Battery care: They're weighty and costly, so take care while connecting and isolating a battery. Continuously adhere to the e-bicycle producer's directions on battery care and charging. (A harmed battery can likewise produce dangerous levels of heat)

Tires Repair


Tires keep your bike running, literally. Since tire puncture is the most common issue that ebike owners come to us with, we have acquired an advanced e bike puncture repair kit that provides quick and durable repair. However, if you want your tires to perform better here are few tips-

  • Keep tires inflated. Check psi levels and top tires off before each ride as underinflated tires don't run proficiently nor support your ebike well.
  • Know how to fix a flat tire. Be handy about fixing a flat in case you can’t find an ebike repair centre nearby. It’s simpler to learn it before hand rather than having to fix one in the field. Wrangling a heavy e-bike, too, can make even simple flat repairs more difficult
  • Get substitution tires made for e-bike. They have tough sidewalls, great foothold and some cut opposition, all great characteristics when it's time to settle in your tires with worn track. (Brands like Continental, Michelin, Schwalbe and Kenda have been making "e-tires" tire for quite a long time.)

Brakes Repair


A bike that’s both heavy and fast (pretty much all e-bikes) needs to have adequate stopping power. Braked are used almost all the time whenever you are using the bike. Since we understand this, we replace the faulty brake system with high in quality and durability brakes. If you want to visit the e bike repair shop less, be sure to follow the following:

  • Regularly check and adjust the brakes. Before each ride, look for obvious issues like loose parts or excessive rotor and pad wear. If you’re not comfortable performing maintenance beyond the examination phase, then look for an ebike repair shop nearby and pay a visit.
  • Replace brake pads and rotors promptly. Check manufacturer specs for the wear level that signals the need for replacement.

Not all bike shops are experienced with e-bikes, and shops that do service them might not service the brand or type of e-bike you bought. However, at our repair shop we repair almost every ebike and dirt bike.

If you haven’t bought an e-bike yet, keep shop services in mind as you look. If you buy from a local store, ask about their service department. If you buy from an online-only seller or convert your regular bike with a kit, it will be harder to find a shop to service it.